Platform Economy – tools to accelerate your game

This video discusses the transformational effects enabled through a “Platform model” of doing business. The platform model brings together producers and consumers in high-value exchanges. Torry Harris equips enterprises to become major players in the platform economy. Its quick-start tools, frameworks and services, help accelerate their platform journey.

Product Snapshot - IoT Glue, an IoT Integration Platform

This video demonstrates IoT Glue, a mobile enabled IoT integration platform that glues disparate things together. IoT Glue is a universal remote control for the Internet of Things! IoT Glue is fully API driven and has an advance rules engine that allows you to mash-up data in real time to invoke an API when an event occurs.


Ovum Webinar on Digital Transformation and Role of SOA/APIs

Ovum and THBS jointly organized this webinar “Digital Transformation – Where Modernization and SOA/APIs Fit.” In this webinar, the speakers John Madden, Practice Leader IT Services at Ovum and Karthik TS, Head of CoE at THBS, have reviewed how digital transformation trends are taking hold and how customers are approaching those digital journeys.

Play the API & Digitalization Cards - Dubai Chapter

This video features Rodrigo Naranjo, Vice President – Services of Gulf Business Machines (GBM) and Karthik TS, Head, Centre of Excellence at Torry Harris Business Solutions (THBS), talking about some real-life examples of how businesses benefited from digital transformation initiatives with API strategies. THBS organized this event at Gurgaon & Dubai.


Play the API & Digitalization Cards - Gurgaon Chapter

This video features Campbell McClean – Global Chief Architect of Airtel and Randy Heffner, Vice President & Principal Analyst of Forrester Research, talking about some real-life examples of how businesses benefited from digital transformation initiatives with API strategies. Torry Harris Business Solutions organized this event at Gurgaon & Dubai.

Mobile Applications for E-Government Initiatives

THBS has developed turn-key mobile applications to deliver e-Government citizen services that help increase transparency in Government decisions and ease the adoption among citizens, to offer a location-independent, “connected government.” This video outlines how THBS is making these e-Governance services available to more people in less time.


Academia Collaboration with University of Leeds

This video features a senior research fellow from Distributed Systems & Services Group of University of Leeds talking about their technical and academic collaboration with Torry Harris Business Solutions in developing innovative solutions in the areas of Integration, SOA Security and Cloud Computing.

ROI of AGILE Software Development

The video features Klaus Schulz, a Torry Harris SOA Evangelist, explaining the difference between the traditional and the AGILE software development approach. Klaus graphically shows how continuous feedback and improvements in an AGILE process adds value to the overall software development.

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