Making sense of and deriving actionable logic from the different data sources such as patient care records, clinical trial data, consumer views from the social media and historic data from internal systems, may be a challenge faced by the pharmaceutical and life-sciences companies today, given the data volumes. We assist with such data initiatives along with providing the whole ecosystem required for easy third-party collaboration (related to research, manufacturing, trials management etc.) through digital enablement – right from the strategy phase to the tracking, analytics and rendering of meaningful data through mobile as a channel. We also help streamline & unify processes through BPM tools and frameworks, for better monitoring, visibility and ease of decision-making. Some examples of our work in this space are listed below:


  • We helped a European Pharmaceutical major in process unification and improvement through a BPM initiative that automated computational chemistry services and tailored automated workflow, enabling them to harness the innovation of all CompChem groups at all sites.
  • We helped set up a unified cloud platform and migrating the Clinical data applications to the Cloud, allowing the client to provide services in a SaaS based model.
  • Our Gamification expertise helped clients in building interactive interfaces, case management systems and portals for seamless delivery of services and exchange of information.
  • We help strategize and implement API initiatives for pharmaceutical and life sciences companies for better collaboration with third-party companies.
  • We helped consolidate data from multiple sources, implemented data analytics and used interactive visualization techniques to help management take better decisions.


  • Digitalization and Digital Transformation Services
  • Data driven Analytics and Visualization
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Personalized Gamification Platform
  • Business Process Management
  • API Enablement and Management
  • Transformation and Integration
  • SOA Based Integration Framework & Governance Model
  • Enterprise Mobility


  • Core specialization with more than fifteen plus years of experience in the elements that constitute digital, namely:
    • Integration using the Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) approach
    • Exposure through APIs, API Management strategy
    • BPM to map customer journeys
    • Expertise and understanding of Mobile (the preferred digital access channel)
    • Cloud Integration, Migration
  • Center of Excellence (CoE) team offering products and accelerators to bring speed and accuracy to your initiatives
  • Global strategic alliances & collaborative partnerships with leading technology providers to provide turn-key solutions for your business challenges
  • A global footprint to enable personalization, while maintaining cost efficiencies through an onsite-offshore model of delivery



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