API Hunter is a unique tool that leverages the principles of natural language processing (NLP) and text analytics to analyze requirement documents, business processes and back end mappings to suggest potential API Candidates. It automates the discovery of re-usable API Candidates. It explores APIs from source documents and ranks them as per requirement specifications. Use API Hunter to perform API discovery in just two simple steps. This tool can assist analysts and solution architects in automating parts of their manual analysis tasks.

Product Overview

  • Simple, easy to use UI for importing source documents
  • Can directly import BPMN 2.0 models (XML Files)
  • Reads all back-end interface specs in any format (WSDL, XSD, Documents, etc.)
  • Analyses requirements specifications using Natural Language Processing algorithms
  • Reports a list of potential API Candidates with ranking
  • API summary view shows ranked potential API candidates and the corresponding sections from the referenced source documents
  • Provides filters to view results from specific source types like business process models or documents.
  • Shows visual graph of Candidates and their source documents

Product Screenshots

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