These are Apps we have already created for you that are available for download on the AppStores.


Eazy2 is an iOS / Android mobile application for monitoring your AWS EC2 instances. Once authorized, you can perform a set of operations (Start/Stop/Reboot/Terminate) on your instances, view instance details, track associated costs, keep a tab on multiple client accounts and get quick access to the AWS Blog.

This tool was created to address one of the key requirements from clients, which was to keep track of costs on AWS and a tight rein on the number of machines we activated on the cloud.

We needed
  • a solution to manage EC2 instances, quantity and cost-wise quickly and effectively
  • a solution that was easy to access by several technical folks
  • and a simple solution that wouldn’t divert us from the main goal for too long

There was nothing out there that met all these criteria.  We just had to build our own bridge to cross this little river. Our mobile applications team and cloud team put their heads together and created an internal tool to address management of EC2 instances.

Eazy2’s enhancement requests now (V2.1 onwards), are as driven by its external users as its internal customers/creators within THBS. We are thrilled at this result and gratified at the growth of this solution.

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Splitting expense between friends has never been this easy! Our experience in User Interface & User Experience has enabled us to come up with a creative solution, which we think our customers would love to use. Look out for the application, which will go live on the Apple App Store in the near future.

My Torry Harris

We practice what we preach!  With our in-house application & MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution, we scaled quickly &  delivered a secure way for our employees to access organizational functions thereby also encouraging the BYOD trend. My Torry Harris is a group of Apps that enables the Company’s employees to access functions available in the Management Information System (Leave Management System, time sheet access, Employee finder etc.).
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