Accelerate your
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API Management for Telecos

Centre of Excellence (CoE)

Our CoE is a platform to assist with out-of-the-box, industrialized solutions for your business needs. These solutions range from frameworks and accelerators to market-leading licensed products that are endorsed by Clients and Analysts alike.

With a range of interlinked departments providing innovative research and insights into multiple industries and technology areas, – our Centre of Excellence (CoE) brings practical solutions based on hands-on experiences from across the globe, rather than mere analysis and theory.

For example, the CoE could assist you with:

  • Evaluating and drafting a detailed comparison report of products for your initiatives (both commercial and open source)
  • Identifying and implementing proof-of-concepts or select use-cases to prove the business-worthiness of an initiative
  • Setting up the required Governance structure for your initiatives
  • Bringing frameworks, patterns and best-practices to succeed with an initiative
  • Providing you with solution accelerators and tools to increase the speed and accuracy of your initiatives
  • Equipping you with recognized, version-managed products that specifically cater to your enterprise needs

Honed and refined through over two decades of experience, we have been applying our expertise in the real world, with practical and measurable results.

Some of the proven solution accelerators and products from our CoE include: