The great thing about software is that it can enhance and optimize the workings of almost any industry. At Torry Harris Business Solutions we continually seek to make this happen for all our clients even in fields that don’t automatically lend themselves to “software”. And, not surprisingly, one of our major telecommunications clients tapped us to do just that.

Our client had thousands of farmers in Africa as subscribers and wanted to provide a service that would be of use to them. We proposed a simple but effective software solution that would provide up-to-date information on weather conditions and market price for several staple crops in the region. We designed the service to be available in both English and Kiswahili.

Our project team set up an IVR system and a call centre, where expert advice could be dispatched. And of course, the experts were more than willing to help. The service, as it’s deployed now, has the potential to make a positive difference in the lives of over half a million farmers in Tanzania alone. It’s a part of value added services tied to cell phone credit and is a viable productive model for all the stakeholders. It doesn’t need a lot of bandwidth and is compatible with almost all devices, both high-end and low-end. It can basically work for anyone with a mobile handset and connection.

The telecommunication and software revolution made this difference possible in the lives of farmers in Tanzania. The mobile phone is a visible banner of victory for this revolution. The role of software is not always easily visible. Yet millions of lines of code operate “behind the screens” to make this happen. Essentially, this is the role Torry Harris Business Solutions plays in the lives of our clients. We help our clients help their clients.