Eazy 2: Whiteboard blueprint

Eazy2 is a child of necessity. This is a log of how and why it was created. Our clients have incredibly complex requirements and the abstract nature of the cloud by default becomes the least of the many challenges. One of the key requirements during such a project was to keep track of costs on AWS and a tight reign on the number of machines we activated on the cloud. We needed -a solution to manage EC2 instances, quantity and cost wise quickly and effectively -a central solution that was easy to access by several technical and business folks -…and a simple solution that wouldn’t divert us from the main goal for too long.

There was nothing out there that met all of these criteria. We just had to build our own bridge to cross this little river. Our mobile applications team and cloud team (part of the Center of Excellence at THBS) put their heads together and created an internal tool to address management of EC2 instances. By Day 2 there was a method to the madness. The picture above is one of the earliest blueprints of Eazy2, it includes most things in our wishlist at the time.