Eazy2 Vesrion 1

As we started to learn the tool we built, we realized this would be of help to others in the cloud computing space. The minimalist UI made the tool suitable for external use by a diverse audience as well. There were no “in -jokes” or THBS specific jargon. A quick internal discussion followed where we decided to release a full-fledged mobile app to the cloud computing public on both Android and iOS.

We chose to release the app free of cost for several reasons. Our team found a solution that we think many of our colleagues, cloud compatriots, and fellow travelers would appreciate. In other words, our friends. We wanted this app to reach as many of them as possible and help make their tasks easier. We value their feedback and input on Version 2 far more than the revenue trickle.

The second being that Torry Harris Business Solutions deals with significantly more complicated cloud based solutions than one app. Eazy 2 was about 5% of the overall solution that we were working on, and our business focuses on providing services with that kind of scale. The creation of this wonderful app was a welcome byproduct of a long project and it was not something we set out to sell. Eazy 2 will be free for the foreseeable future. And the greatest advantage of that is that now we are united by common cause to improve the operational efficiency of the technology, which is really what we’re about in the first place.