We're living in a connected world. We associate with people world-over through social media channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Blogs, etc. This is Web 2.0 and we will run into plenty more options to 'Connect' with people.

You must also be getting familiar with a world where you get connected to ‘things’ around you and they have begun to 'understand' you, 'think' for you and 'react' the way you 'like'! When we say ‘things’ it could be your car, watch, oven, lights, fans, gates and even the water sprinkler in your garden! Yes, the sci-fi movies that we grew up with are possibly going to have a rerun, only this time, as a part of our own lives – what with the age of 'Physical Computing' or the 'Internet of Things' (IoT).

Gartner predicts around 26 billion ‘things’ will get connected by 2020. A lot of electronic sensors will be installed in and around 'things' which will send informative data for further processing, so as to take appropriate actions. As more and more ‘things’ get connected, the data generation will correspondingly increase; resulting in a huge data pool coming from different quarters. To make sense of this data and to be able to use it productively, we will use systems to store it, analyze it and generate predictable data before taking further actions.


thbs-Launch-of-a-New-Framework- Internet-of-Things-at-THBS


So, in essence, we're talking about electronic sensors, processors and data collection programming (comprising 'IoT'), Big Data, Cloud Platforms, Analytics and Service Integration coming together to constitute the 'Internet of Everything'. The technology landscape is already beginning to witness a huge momentum in API development for this domain.

It has already started and is happening around us. We heard Google is slated to announce their IoT platform launch in Mid of 2015. As part of its Centre of Excellence (CoE) team, THBS is launching a new IoT framework among other things in the IoT & IoE space.

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