Over the past decade, organizations that leverage the power of platform business models have grown significantly. Digitalization of products, services and business processes is reshaping the global landscape and platform ecosystems. The potential of the “Platform model” of doing business has been disruptive to traditional approaches like the “Pipeline model.” The latter looks at value being created by controlling a linear series of activities; value flows from the inside to the outside. The Platform model, on the other hand, looks at connecting participants in two-sided markets – generating value for both groups. The Platform model brings together producers and consumers in high-value exchanges. As the number of participants on each side grows, the value generated increases exponentially.

The Pipeline Model – Value flows from Inside to Outside

Opportunities have so far been addressed in a linear model. Value is conveyed one to one or in some cases, one to many.

You, as the provider conveys, from your own or managed resources, the value you identify as needed by your clients. This model relies on increasing internal capability to enable increased and enhanced offerings. Like a hotel chain having to build more rooms or a fleet operator adding more vehicles.

Pipeline Vs. Platform – Elements of a Successful Platform Strategy

The Platform Model – Summary


Value is brought together by you and is directly proportional to the ability to connect providers and consumers meaningfully.


Value is generated outside your business but managed by you, leveraged but not restricted, to and by your core internal offerings that will now have greater exposure and options for consumption.


Value is provided and consumed everywhere, any time, without the physical intervention by you; often automated at will, consumed from the Cloud through data interfaces and applications exposed, with a suitable rules engine together with other processes, to provide value through curation.

Here is how we can help you to ‘Become the Platform’

Torry Harris offers a variety of services and technology products in the API space that may be used to quickly expose and connect assets and data of the providers chosen by the communities that you form.

These tools are proven in the market place, built on open source libraries that allow seamless connections between the internet of people and the internet of things.

Develop a Successful Platform Strategy with Torry Harris Products

We have analysed the “Platform Model” for success in a digital era, during an event held in Mumbai (India), Dubai (UAE) and Slough (UK) [https://www.thbs.com/events/become-the-api-platform]. The event highlighted the transformational effects enabled through a “Platform model” of doing business.

Torry Harris will be exhibiting its product suite that assists in realizing transformational effects enabled through a “Platform model” of doing business at GITEX Technology Week in Dubai from October 8th – 12th. To fix an appointment with our team at GITEX, visit: https://www.thbs.com/events/gitex-technology-week-2017

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