The magician and his magic potion - THBS Blog

By: Prasidhya Sridhar, A THBS employee


Once there was a magician, full of scripts and spells
A magic potion he set to create, to all IT troubles dispel

He began with SOA and made components
Broke big chunks into very simple elements.
It made life easy, for services as scrabble letters you could lend,
‘This is the best magic potion’ he claimed. ‘It just needs no amend’.

Then along came a fellow programmer,
Said he, ‘We don’t see our troubles end’
‘Each day – growing demands we meet
And our servers just won’t bend’.


The magician wore his wizard hat – ‘larger’ he knew this had to be
Ah! The potion needed the Cloud he thought, to set the soul of the environment free
It could now grow and shrink at your will,
Claimed he again, ‘This is the best potion ever made – The right blend of mastery and skill!’


The fellow programmer came walking again
Said he, ‘We see you have taken great pain
The Cloud is elastic to be procured at will and does help us gain!
But in front of our workstations – we do all day remain’.


Set out the magician –yet again, on a quest for something new
For this potion to be the best, a dynamic spell he had to brew.
What could he add, to make magic that connected you, while on the move?
Enable it he did, for the mobile world – added to it that little last groove.

‘Aye dear’ said the fellow programmer,
‘All vastness doth the new channel bring
‘Immense data it produces – gossip, videos and network-ing,
Making sense of it – a mammoth task, more like a scorpion’s sting’.


The magician set out to handle Big Data,
With information that was seen as askew.
He analyzed, processed and visualized it…
Added routines, without much ado.


The programmer leapt in utter joy, but feared that the potion would be heavily priced,
But then, what joy is magic when costed for?

It was declared ‘Open Source’, to the programmer’s great surprise.