We are all geared up to meet The Power Trio – SOA, Enterprise Mobility and Gamification on 19th Nov, at Hotel Palais Hansen Kempinski in Vienna.

The event will kick-off with a Key Note session from Karthik T.S. – the Head of Center of Excellence at Torry Harris Business Solutions and we have just received a snippet of what he is going to cover.

  • A real-life Case-study & Demo on how Gamification could be leveraged for your enterprise
  • Integration through SOA at the back-end, for better customer delivery at the front-end.
  • Enterprise mobility & its relevance to your business

Here’s a snippet of what Karthik has in-store for you,

“… the premise behind the integration of this power trio (SOA, Enterprise Mobility & Gamification) is: to be able to better understand customers and their experiences by consistently gathering experience data (from the front-end & back-end channels), consolidating and correlating it, analyzing it to make sense of it and finally, optimizing it to make experiences happier through customizing mobile, web, call center, kiosk, IVR and other front-end interactions, changing experience flows and better configuring the data collected. In short, to create leading-edge experiences not only for customers but also those for employees and partners, the three pieces need to be brought together, as it then enhances the potential to optimize via real-time contextualization and enables rapid experience change.


This upcoming paper details the value offered by the trio - SOA, Enterprise Mobility and Gamification. While each element in the trio represents value to business in its own merit, it is interesting to see how all three trends can be leveraged together to maximize business benefits. Starting with the objective of gamifying a customer engagement scenario, this paper illustrates different pieces of customer data that need to be aggregated. These pieces of information, such as customer's recent transactions, purchases, top-ups, claims, etc would need to be retrieved from different front-end and back-end IT applications. If these IT applications are SOA enabled, it is that much easier to extract and combine the required data to analyze and tailor a personalized gamification experience.  

When designing a gamified experience to engage customers, it is important to analyze customer's daily behavioral patterns. Statistics indicate that customers spend more time on smartphones and tablets instead of PCs and laptops.  Also, due to the digital revolution, customer is constantly burdened with too much information from social media, apps, etc. This means the attention span of customers is decreasing day by day. To achieve the goal of improving customer engagement through gamification, mobile as a channel represents a great opportunity.  It aligns perfectly with the daily usage patterns of customers, i.e. more mobile devices compared to laptops. To capture the attention span of customers on mobile, the gamification design should include short, but interesting game elements that motivate the customer to repeatedly use the product/service. By applying all the above-mentioned principles, a personalized, engaging game experience can be created - SOA as the means and mobile as the channel…”

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See you there...