“The user now has unprecedented power to shape the object that he uses, be it in design or in functionality. The Internet is the great leveler. The progressive enterprise has started to relinquish power over its offering, becoming a vehicle that is driven by the user, evaluated frequently by the user, and in many cases just acting as the medium of expression of the user’s perception of value. This phenomenon is guiding the core of a business to becoming what its customers want it to be. “

Excerpt from “The concept of the 6th Vertical


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Imagine this…

You are coming back from work. Your smart car senses the location and using the facial recognition software it opens the gate for you. Your finger print recognition system identifies you and opens the main door of your house. Upon entry, it adjusts the lighting of the house based on your mood.

Ubiquitous Computing

The lights go on in the kitchen and living room, maybe your bedroom and hallways. Your favorite music will start. The thermostat will adjust the temperature of the room. The hot water is ready for you to take a shower. You predefine the environment settings for various activities like romance, reading, dinner parties and more. The LED screen displays you the notifications and schedule for the next day. The screen on the dressing room tells you the right attire to wear for the next day by checking the weather, calendar and your wardrobe inventory.

You have a computer sensor in your floor that will monitor your physical health and your diet plan. The Wi-Fi enabled smart fridge displays various recipes that can be prepared from the available food inventory. The smart board on the fridge informs you the best value for money food items by comparing the preferred supermarkets and order is just a click away. It warns you the shortage of food items to be stacked in and the spoiled food that needs to be thrown out. The smart board also provide you an option (especially if you are a bad cook) to order the food from the most preferred take away restaurants.

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Weaving both worlds together…

If you told us ten years ago of this term called Social Media, we would probably blink naively back at you. Little did we know that this was not just a jargon, but a very intriguing concept that left us in awe of what it did to our everyday lives – both professional & personal. Can you imagine living in the present times WITHOUT Social Media? No networking, no connections? Honestly, we would never be able to fathom what living in today’s world without Social Media would do to us. Nonetheless, since we ARE living in the times of Social Media, let’s fast forward to today – Social Media isn’t just a term anymore; it is practically a virtual (paradox huh?) community where the interaction and networking crosses global boundaries and time zones in order to pursue mutual goals and interests that would help connect businesses and personal relationships in a jiffy.

The Human Resources & Social Media Revolution

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Smart Meters in UK

SMART METERS – Who’s that (not) knocking at the door?

Did you know that in 10 years’ time every home in the UK will be fitted with a Smart Meter?

Smart Meters will end the need for Power Company employees to enter customers’ homes to read power meters. By communicating back to the Power Companies the Smart Meters can report power usage and billing information.

Smart meters also allow home owners to see how much electricity they are using in real-time and by which appliance


By connecting all the Smart Meters to a central network a vast wealth of live data on each home’s power consumption becomes available. Add to this the ability to remotely control appliances and the Smart Meter becomes a vital tool in securing future power supply and demand.


In the 21st Century a guaranteed and constant Power Supply is essential to the economy and well-being of the nation. Industry, transport, healthcare and domestic use are dependent on a constant Power Supply that can meet peaks in demand.

With the ever increasing reliance on renewable energy sources the power supply network is complex and difficult to forecast and control.


Smart meters allow customers to view their electricity usage in real-time, which appliances are using the most power and how much each appliance is costing to run. Seeing this information will allow homeowners to reduce their energy consumption and bills.

It will be possible for homeowners to sign-up to Energy Tariffs that for a reduction in their tariff rate allow the Power Companies to limit power to certain appliances at times of high demand.

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Everyday new discoveries are made, shared and they then evolve into something even newer and better. This is how the world has grown to be how we know it to be today.

What is different about now, is simply the accelerated growth the world is seeing. What may have taken years takes weeks, what took months takes days and what took days are now accomplished in seconds! Just spend a minute to think over and you will get examples for all these.

The Knowledge Economy

So how is all this possible?

One silent, invisible force called the internet is definitely one of the accelerators. For the digital natives, it is as essential as air and water and the digital immigrants, have become dependent on it. Being connected is no more a luxury, but a necessity.

According to an interesting survey, we live in a time, where people with phones outnumber the people with a toilet of their own! ( ). It is estimated that out of the 7 billion people in the world, close to 6 billion have access to a mobile phone. That is by far the best penetration that any human invention has ever been capable of.

Interestingly there are only 2.5 billion internet users as of Jan 2014 ( ). That means only 35% of the world’s population uses the internet and accounts for the 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data produced (that’s 2.5 * 1018 – a number I didn’t know existed till I read this article - ).

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