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SOA/APIs, Mobility, IoT, Gamification, Cloud & Big Data

What can I expect from THBS – you ask?

At THBS, we offer you more than a job -
A well-rounded, complete learning experience!


Global Travel. Niche Technologies. The Boot Camp.
The THBS Centre of Excellence (CoE).

People are our core strength.

We screen for skills and hire for attitude. Working with cutting-edge, niche technologies and deep experience with international clients is what we offer our employees.

THBS Careers
THBS Careers
THBS Careers

Are You The Entrepreneur Type?

We focus on creating a career-path that allows our people to grow as per their training and inclination. The opportunities for growth are not limited to the technical delivery space alone but include Centre of Excellence, Sales & Marketing, HR, Finance etc. Career Progression at THBS is completely performance based. Performance evaluation is a continuous process, with clear measurement parameters for goals, measured at regular intervals.
A stellar example of training & development in THBS is “the boot camp”, where we invest valuable resources for college graduates to go through weeks of rigorous training and be able to meet the demands of live projects. Our training and mentoring process continues well after the boot camp.
Irrespective of the level in the company, our people are encouraged to spend 20-30% of their time on self-development in the form of training & certifications. This can be on the job, classroom training or new initiatives. This is augmented by regular brain-storming sessions among the teams to generate new ideas and bring in an entrepreneurial culture.

Life at THBS.

The THBS anthem (Yes, we have our own song) sums it up when it says "work harder, reach farther, never leave anything for later". THBS is committed to nurturing diverse interests of individuals and has several clubs for like-minded colleagues to interact.


The knowledge sharing platform at THBS, it keeps with our belief that learning is a life-time course. Technical topics are usually reflective of the swift changes around us, in areas of telecom or any other hot topic. An interactive debate follows the presentation and it isn't unusual to see it spill over into corridors and into the nearby pubs later.


What do you do after all those sleepless nights at office? Trek to the land of the no cubicle. A club that lives on the edge, the club unites those free spirited, nature lovers who love to take the road less trekked.

THBS Cinemascope

Used to living life in Cinemascope? After staring at the keyboard would you rather change the scenery and grab a pack of popcorn instead. Link up to the movie club and set off.

THBS Arena

One learns about work from sports. From cricket to bowling, the THBS sports teams play to win. At the last outing bowling pins went into severe trauma as THBS rolled the bowling ball with gusto.

THBS Bright Spark

The bulb inside your head switches on often? Eureka is the word that keeps you awake? At THBS we are waiting for those bright sparks.

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