“By 2025, $60 trillion in annual revenue could be redistributed across the economy—one-third of that year’s total. This dynamic is playing out in the high tech, media, and telecom sectors, where tech giants have built platforms on which entire ecosystems run.” – McKinsey

Become significant in this trillion dollar economy by creating your own marketplace, beat new players and blurring sector borders.

DigitMarket™ radically simplifies the creation of Digital Ecosystems. It is a simple and intuitive, build-your-own marketplace tool that allows you to monetize your assets and accelerate the creation of digital ecosystems.

  • Accelerates your ability to become a Marketplace. It facilitates speedy on-boarding of providers and consumers, enables effortless transactions on your platform
  • Allows you to digitize your providers and consumers in a secure manner
  • Makes you the platform enabler / system integrator of choice. You can now curate your platform to foster an interconnected web of assets