After the grand launch at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Torry Harris Business Solutions (THBS) has showcased "IoT Glue" at the Smart IoT London event - UK’s largest gathering of global IoT enthusiasts. This year’s event focused on the key issues surrounding IoT security, data sharing and new products for unlocking the full potential of IoT.

THBS team has demonstrated how "IoT Glue" helps promote the monetisation of the "Internet of Things" by connecting ("gluing", with real-time protocol transformation) the APIs exposed by disparate things from different manufacturers. "IoT Glue" – is a single view, mobile integration platform that provides an out-of-the-box DIY (Do-it-yourself) kit to connect proprietary IoT devices. Coupled with Torry Harris’ industrial strength Gateway solution

"API Connect," enterprises will now be able to connect to ‘Things’ with the desired level of security and policy enforcement.

Subject matter experts from THBS addressed the gathering in the following sessions:

  • "Monetisation of APIs in the IoT World" – presented by Karthik TS (Head of CoE)
  • "IoT as Part of a Business Partner Ecosystem" – presented by Chris Hughes (Business Architect)