Telecom IT Solutions

The lines of competition have been redrawn in the telecom space by the over-the-top (OTT) service providers, thanks to the ability to digitally connect people and things. What once enabled market control by the communication service providers – namely the fixed and mobile physical connections, have now been utilized by the OTTs in very creative ways to construct new business models, giving more power to the consumer.

Undeterred, Telcos today are looking at innovative ways to make their assets more relevant. They are tapping into the power of APIs and Cloud to build an ecosystem/a platform that delivers more value and more power to the end-customer. “Telco-as-a-platform” is gathering momentum, recognizing the opportunity to monetize existing Telco assets.

Creating Value For Telecom Service Providers

We have been working with Telco operators for 15 plus years now, serving two of Europe’s largest Telcos and an emerging markets operator serving 12 countries, among others. We have implemented large-scale integration and transformation initiatives in the API, Cloud and Digital areas. Some of these initiatives are captured below:

  • Enabling the merger of two Telco giants in the UK using SOA as their integration backbone, rationalizing their IT estate after the merger and enabling a seamless end-customer experience.
  • Charting and implementing the API strategy and monetization plan for an emerging markets player across 6 countries.
  • Working with a Telco major to implement their digital strategy in a phase-wise manner, being a part of their core digital strategy team.
  • Providing Managed Services support for 60% of the IT real-estate of a Telco.
  • Delivering mBaaS or ‘Mobile Backend as a Service’ by linking mobile app developers with web developers through cloud storage and backend APIs.
  • Setting up an independent test-factory for a Telco major being their primary quality gate for all applications.
  • Helping a telecom major optimize its engagement with its strategic IT suppliers across design, build, test and support activities, increasing efficiency, reducing time to market and driving up the quality of service delivery.
  • Working as a part of their central architecture and design teams to chart the architectural evolution aligned to meet business objectives.
  • Helping Telcos to achieve eTOM and SID compliance driving standardization across operations.
  • Deploying pilot initiatives to achieve their IoT and M2M goals.

Areas Of Specialization

Telecom Services and Solutions

Digitalization and digital transformation services

Telecom IT services and solutions

API enablement and management

Telecom IT Services & Solutions Provider

Internet of Things (IoT)

Telecom IT Consulting

Transformation to achieve eTOM and SID compliance

Telecom IT Solutions & Consulting Services

SOA based integration framework & Governance model

Telecom Software Services

Enterprise Mobility

Telecom Network IT Solutions

SaaS enablement of traditional applications

BI & Data analytics

BI & Data analytics to drive more insightful decisions


Gamification to help drive customer behavior

THBS Advantages

  • Core specialization with more than fifteen plus years of experience in the elements that constitute digital, namely:
    • Integration using the Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) approach.
    • Exposure through APIs, API Management strategy.
    • BPM to map customer journeys.
    • Expertise and understanding of Mobile (the preferred digital access channel).
    • Cloud Integration, Migration.
  • Center of Excellence (CoE) team offering products and accelerators to bring speed and accuracy to your initiatives.
  • Global strategic alliances & collaborative partnerships with leading technology providers to provide turn-key solutions for your business challenges
  • A global footprint to enable personalization, while maintaining cost efficiencies through an onsite-offshore model of delivery