RepoPro Product Overview
Product Overview

RepoPro® is an enterprise repository tool that enables enterprises to centrally store and manage information about their IT assets. RepoPro® helps to effectively visualize and manage meta-data, and the relationships between assets. Through its shared communication channel, RepoPro® enterprise repository tool automates the process of exchanging metadata and information. “Browse and search” is one of its most intuitive features that provides a simple, easy-to-use information discovery mechanism.

RepoPro® exposes its capabilities with REST APIs that makes it easy to integrate with your in-house systems. This allows a trouble-free integration of your in-house data. RepoPro® supports development processes, configuration management, lifecycle management and team collaboration.

Key Features

  • Information Modeling: Define your own entity types, attributes, relationships and rules.
  • User Interface: Manage your assets and the metadata using a friendly web interface.
  • Asset Lifecycle Management: Version your assets, change attributes and create relationship links.
  • Visualization: Visualize dependencies interactively. Navigate the relationships.
  • Access Control: Create roles to map access to user functions. Assign users to groups.
  • Information Discovery: Navigate through vast amounts of assets using taxonomy trees.
  • Integration: Connect your corporate LDAP for user access.

Product Screenshots

Home Page Access control Information Classification Information Discovery
Information Management Information Modelling
  • Monitor usage details of all users
  • Customizable help content
  • Customizable screen colors, favicons and logos
  • Integrates with third-party reporting tools
  • "Browse and search" for a simple information discovery
  • Users accrue points based on their activity
  • Leader Board widget to view the top-ranked users
  • Provide ratings and feedback for asset instances