Automation made simple...

If automation initiatives are taking a back-seat in your enterprise owing to time and budget constraints (though automation can pay for itself many times over!!), here is a tool that can make your business case 5X stronger!

The Automaton tool can:

  • Save up to 80% of the time spent on Script development through automation.
  • Make it simpler. The simplicity of the tool with its drag-and-drop interfaces, makes it highly intuitive. It has UI-integrated process flows that guide the user throughout the business process.
  • Improve reliability by making the whole exercise error-free.
  • Accelerate reporting. Its in-built reporting functionality helps track the status of process completions.
  • Support many types of applications through configuration. The tool is 100% configuration driven. It supports web applications, APIs (ReST/SOAP) and command line applications. It allows easy export of files & reports to other devices and applications.

Product Screenshots

Reading and validating the log files in a log testing scenario

Data manipulations like date format conversions and string manipulations

Automated regression testing for web applications

Chaining APIs from previous responses in consecutive API calls (REST and SOAP services)

SOAP- APIs - testing SOAP services

Depicting the end to end business flows in an App testing case with decision

A sample report listing the results from all previous executions

A detailed report for a test case with all the relevant data