Introducing AutoStub 2.0

AutoStub™ is an essential tool to fasten API development. It can significantly reduce your build time by quickly designing, prototyping, documenting and testing the APIs.
AutoStub™ creates a functional mock that allows developers or prospective users to work with the API before it’s fully implemented. It allows developers to mock web services, helping developers of applications that depend on APIs to speed development and improve quality by facilitating functional testing.
Available as a SaaS offering, for On-Premise deployments and in a hybrid model.

Simple and Intuitive UI

Key Features

Rest api testing
Simulate ReST and SOAP services
API Mocking
Input format - Swagger files for ReST, WSDL files for SOAP services
API Mocking
Support for GET, POST, PUT, DELETE methods in ReST
Rest api testing tools
Create WSDL/Swagger 2.0 based mock services; generate dummy data for API testing
Rest api tool
Get an endpoint URL that can be used on a third party SOAP client tool
Improves quality by facilitating functional testing
API Mocking
Can handle multiple test scenarios together
Rest api tool
API MockingRest api tool

Highly Customizable

Users can define the number of request/response pairs to be generated and can modify request/response data based on requirement.
Rest api testing toolsRest api tool

Fast and Simple

AutoStub™ is an ideal fit to any Agile project. This tool fastens the delivery time by generating mock data for the front-end team even before the back-end infrastructure is ready.
Rest api testing toolsRest api testing tools

Standard Templates

It maintains the standard from early stage of development as mock services are generated from WSDL/Swagger templates. Using similar mock services for testing can help to identify the issues at an early stage..
API MockingRest api tool


As per the industry standard for service format, AutoStub™ can read Swagger 2.0 and WSDL documents, which makes it future-ready without the need for any major upgradation.
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