THBS Iot Glue

Enable API driven ‘CONNECTIVITY’

"IoT Glue" is a mobile enabled IoT integration platform that allows you to seamlessly glue disparate things together. It is like a universal remote control for the Internet of Things! IoT Glue helps build your IoT ecosystem faster by enabling you to quickly & securely offer additional IoT offerings to your end-customers.

‘GLUE’ disparate IoT devices using APIs

IoT Glue is open standards based and is easily compatible with your existing IT investments. It is fully API driven and has an advanced rules engine that allows you to mash-up data in real time to invoke an API when an event occurs. The core idea behind IoT Glue is to create a mobile app in real-time by using an interactive design tool called X-Builder. It employs the principles of the API Economy and Open Systems Architecture.

THBS Iot Glue

IoT Glue Integration Framework

THBS IoT Glue Frameword

Key Features


  • Driven by APIs; allows design of custom controls for proprietary devices with advanced API orchestration capabilities
  • Seamlessly works with most API Gateways to securely expose device APIs
  • Coupled with our API Gateway solution "API Connect", it provides access control and security


  • Provides a highly flexible rules engine & property setting options at the user end
  • Provides protocol Translators for disparate protocols in the IoT landscape
  • Standard devices are supported with loosely coupled pluggable adapters
  • Comes with an in-built sensor data generation simulator, with custom configurations

User Experience

  • Simple drag-and-drop approach
  • Well-organized dashboards, interactive maps, dynamic graphs and other visual computing methodologies
  • Unified mobile User Interface for IoT integration of heterogeneous devices

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