Introducing IoT Glue™

IoT Glue™ is a mobile enabled IoT integration platform that allows enterprises to monetize IoT investments by seamlessly gluing disparate things together. It is an API driven robust technology framework with scalable, vertical-specific solutions for Fleet Management, Smart City solutions, Smart Farming and Smart Building Management.

IoT Glue™ helps build your IoT ecosystem faster. It enables you to quickly & securely offer additional IoT offerings to your end-customers, accelerating your enterprise digital transformation initiatives.

Available in SaaS, On-Premise deployments and in a hybrid model, too.

Simple, easy-to-use, drag-and-drop!

Core components of
IoT Glue™
IoT Software Products

Why IoT Glue™?

License Model
Customer focused business model for license redistribution
Offer IoT Glue™ as your own branded offering
Add multiple IoT solutions with single license cost and boost your ROI
Secure Design
IoT Glue™ is developed using “security by design” principles
Role-based authentication and authorization
User Experience
An easy drag-and-drop UI
Well-organized dashboards
Dynamic graphs
Single Platform
Single platform to connect, collect, process and analyze data
Crisp data visualization
A highly modular plug-and-play platform
Multiple integration touch points
Change Impact
IoT Glue™ works seamlessly with other third-party tools you may have invested in already
Enables developers to unleash integration expertise by leveraging our widespread partner ecosystem
Full Cycle System
We offer extended System Integration to assist your partners as well to get on-boarded into your platform
SME Editions
We offer customized SME Editions for progressive businesses which can be scaled up with business growth
Download the Product Brochure to know more about IoT Glue™

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