Introducing RepoPro

RepoPro™ is helping enterprises manage their assets through a unified, central repository using automation and a rich visualization of relationships between assets.

You can now store, manage and find asset information accurately owing to a built-in shared communication channel that automates the process of exchanging metadata and information. Dynamic visualizations and insights enable Project and Program managers to plan better by foreseeing dependencies. Solution designers can derive meaningful information about policies and metadata with ease.

Available as a SaaS offering, for On-Premise deployments and in a hybrid model.

Simple by design

Integral to a Digital ecosystem

Digital Marketplace for Platform Business
Why RepoPro
for your
Enterprise Architecture Modeling ToolsEnterprise Architecture Management

User Defined

You have the flexibility to define the data model for assets and their relationships.
Digital ecosystem- IT Asset Modeling

REST API Support

Plug and play with your existing systems and applications through seamless integration. All capabilities are exposed through well-documented Rest APIs.
IT Asset ManagementIntegral to a Digital ecosystem

Access Control

Prevents unauthorized users from accessing privileged user information.
Asset Life Cycle Management


Change the theme to suit your enterprise needs using customizable User Interface elements that comes with the pack.
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Featured Insights

API Management

Torry Harris has been named a ‘Strong Performer’ in The Forrester Wave™

Forrester notes in this report, “Torry Harris is a full-fledged systems integrator that treats its API management solution as a versioned, supported product. Its product strategy is driven by a vision for platform business models and disruptive ecosystems. This, in turn, is exemplified by a corollary product, DigitMarket™, which wraps the API management core with additional marketplace capabilities.”

API Gateway

Creation of an integrated ecosystem using APIs for a UK Telco major

354 Live APIs
3X increase in API consumption
2 billion transactions in 2018
40 Partners onboarded

Platform Business, Digit Market

Unifying three brands with a powerful API backbone

1,60,000 new customers
145% increase in customer engagement
69% increase of broadband base on fibre

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