Our Enterprise Mobility team helps enterprises succeed and stay relevant with new-age mobile technologies. We build applications that enable line managers, supervisors, senior management and even the newest recruit stay connected with their teams and processes, improving productivity and performance.

Torry Harris Enterprise Mobility Offerings

Revamp UX for Existing Apps
Our UX/UI team has the expertise in building intuitive user interfaces. Over a period of time, we have analyzed and made remarkable changes in the UIs of B2B apps for large Telcos in the EMEA market. These changes have significantly increased their market share and created happy end-users.
API Management Solutions
API Management Solutions
Native Smartphone App Development
With its increasingly loyal fan bases, iOS & Android have established themselves as the prominent platforms. Our expertise in these platforms helped us deliver solutions to various government agencies & major Telcos. With our state-of-the-art offshore mobile development studios, cost efficient app development is now a reality.
Responsive Web Design
Overcome the fragmentations of mobile screens. Build fluid designs with our responsive design experts. We create websites that transform to any screen size ranging from a widescreen desktop to the smallest of smartphones.
API Management Solutions
API Management Solutions
Mobile Testing
We have developed a Mobile Testing framework based on the actual problems experienced by our app testers. This is a cost-effective framework that can increase testing efficiency by reducing time taken in manual testing. This can be used across platforms including iOS and Android.

Enterprise Mobility Use Cases

Digital Transformation
  • Developed for Test Leads, Test Managers and Project/Program Managers
  • Track and manage defects
  • Filter and modify defects without being glued to a desktop
  • Create customized views and notifications, specific to the user’s interest
  • Customized display - enhances user-experience and load time
  • Easy-to-use interface allows users to handle multiple tasks
  • Monitor project delivery and status details 24/7
  • Graphical presentation of data
  • Offline tracking of defects and task status
Timesheet Manager
  • This is a geo-fenced application developed for the senior management to keep track of their employees
  • It records check-in and check-out time and automatically calculates the total hours and overtime
  • Employees can also check his/her own log-in history
  • The geo-locator can detect whether the employee is present inside or outside the premises
Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation
My Torry Harris
  • Update and manage time-sheets
  • Manage leave through the Leave Management System
  • Push notifications for alerts and surveys
  • View corporate hierarchy
  • Access employee directory
  • View special events like birthdays and anniversaries of all employees

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