Numerous examples prove that enterprises worldwide are using Gamification (the use of game thinking and game mechanics to engage users) in very innovative ways today, as a means to connect with their employees and customers in a fun yet meaningful manner.

Consider the much discussed Nike+ running app which lets users personalize their running goals, enables them to track it (GPS tracking, audio feedback), share it with their network of friends and “Running buddies” and get motivated through power songs, cheers and Facebook likes! This one app increased the company’s revenues by upto 30% in the running category.

Twitter credits by DenizBank, “people’s car” by Volkswagen, Portugal Telecom’s use of Exago Market to drive innovation - are all examples of Gamification used in an enterprise context to meet specific business goals.

Our journey with Enterprise Gamification started with Gamifying the event of a client visit to our Global Delivery Center, back in 2008. We recognized the power of this medium early on and formed a dedicated Gamification division, as part of our Centre of Excellence team. Here is what we do to assist you with your Enterprise Gamification needs: