Torry Harris works with enterprises to integrate and API-enable their assets for the IoT ecosystem, delivering fast and effective connectivity with people, applications and things. We follow IoT design principles as per the Industry 4.0 standards:
Internet of Things
IoT Integration Platform
Seamless integration of devices, humans and production/application environments over the Internet.
IoT Services
IoT Solutions
Developing simulation models for virtualized system management.
IoT Integration Solutions
IoT Platform
Decentralized intelligent systems capable of decision-making, based on patterns derived from Machine Learning.
IoT Integration Strategy
Real-Time Capability
IoT Application Integration
Real-Time Capability
Big Data and Analytics for real-time data processing.
IoT Strategy
Service Orientation
Enterprise IoT Platform
Service Orientation
Cloud-based web services.
IoT ecosystems
IoT Service Providers
Stackable devices and an ever-growing API stack.


Aside from offering a 'Gateway to the Internet of Things' in the form of 'DigitMarket™ – API Gateway', a product which gives you a simple and secure means to connect to things, applications and people, we have also put together the following service offerings to further assist with your IoT initiatives.
IoT Strategy
  • Guidance for businesses looking to define an IoT strategy, outlining the business value of different IoT use-cases
  • Defining the specific parameters that impact your RoI
  • Comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of your IoT initiative
  • IoT system integration/application integration
  • Creation of an IoT technology strategy, identifying key hardware, software and middleware components required for the solution
IoT Strategy Consulting
IoT Consulting Services
IoT Application Integration
  • Proposing solutions to enable heterogeneous components to communicate
  • Advice on API Enablement of devices
  • Defining standards and methodologies for monitoring and management
  • Security audit of IoT platforms
  • Security layer enhancement / development
  • Data acquisition and analysis
  • Cloud-based hosting for data storage, analysis and processing
  • Customized and real-time reporting
  • Machine learning, creation of a rules engine to detect risks and patterns
IoT Ecosystem and Collaboration
  • Partnerships with white-label hardware manufacturers to offer your business more comprehensive solutions
  • Collaboration with IoT-standards bodies such as AllSeen Alliance, Open Interconnect Foundation and the Industrial Internet Consortium to closely monitor developments in this area and ensure that initiatives are standards-compliant
Internet of Things Services

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IoT Glue™

IoT Glue™ is a mobile enabled IoT integration platform that allows enterprises to monetize IoT investments by seamlessly gluing disparate things together. It is an API driven robust technology framework with scalable, vertical-specific solutions for Fleet Management, Smart City solutions, Smart Farming and Smart Building Management.

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IoT Services

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