Cloud Catalyst Programme

The programme enables enterprises to speed up the adoption of cloud computing solutions in 3 easy steps. The service begins with assessing the current state of the business, infrastructure, applications and other parameters that define the enterprise. The results obtained from the assessment are mapped to improvement indicators that are aligned to business goals. A Decision engine uses the results and provides a phased roadmap for the enterprise. The roadmap identifies opportunities for use of cloud computing solutions to achieve business goals and considers current maturity of infrastructure, process and resources.

Aim of the Programme

The Cloud Catalyst programme intends to accelerate the usage and adoption of Cloud computing solutions by providing a clear approach to the enterprises. The solution allows enterprises to understand the fitment of cloud solutions, be it IaaS, PaaS, SaaS etc. in their organizations. Information is gathered about the current and target maturity of the enterprise’s infrastructure, processes and applications along with budget and growth drivers. The inputs are assessed and a solution roadmap is created. This roadmap includes a task list of activities to be executed to achieve the desired state.

The programme caters to enterprises and adopters of all sizes. The prime business case for this programme being the ability to allow end customers to map their current state to the desired state with the adoption of cloud computing. The desired state is then achieved through a well-defined process, with deliverables and return of investments clearly marked out.

Why enterprises need Cloud Catalyst

Cloud computing is destined to bring a paradigm shift in how organizations manage and operate their IT assets. This shift does not happen overnight, and requires a comprehensive understanding of the current state of business with respect to various factors. These factors include TCO of infrastructure, application provisioning, availability of computing resources on demand and time to market, etc. Moreover with the sprouting of new services in cloud at a break-neck speed, it is essential to keep up with the market and look out for better options at all times. At Torry Harris, we found that customers often hit a roadblock in their cloud strategy due to lack of understanding of the full potential of this technology, and unreasonable expectations of its impact. In fact there are various factors that impact cloud adoption, such as - Infrastructure availability, provisioning latency, security and data privacy, data integration among all. This requires a way to assess the current state and be able to come up with business objectives that would drive growth in short and long term.

The Cloud Catalyst programme has been designed to accommodate not only the varied nature of businesses but also the varied nature of IT functioning within them. It cumulates research into various cloud adoption models and pricing, thereby providing customers an absolute advantage in picking the right cloud strategy. A strategy that enables business growth on the foundations of cloud computing.

Another aspect addressed by the Cloud Catalyst programme is the varied interpretations and hype surrounding cloud solutions. These often lead to unreasonable expectations from cloud computing as a technology enabler. The risk due to the hype is compounded by the fact the most enterprises seeking to adopt Cloud Computing are confused about which cloud architecture and solutions would actually suit their needs.

Features and USP

The Cloud Catalyst programme provides structured decision making capabilities with the use of a standardized decision matrix. This decision matrix is based on extensive research into cloud computing capabilities, cloud adoption scenarios and use cases. The matrix produces indicators for improvements in the state of an enterprise. It identifies areas where a cloud computing solution can bring in effective value and match the overall business goals and expectations of the enterprise. This structured exercise makes it unique amongst offerings currently in the market.

Cloud Catalyst takes a vendor-agnostic position, and focuses completely on challenges the organization faces and identifies an adoption roadmap that also mitigates the risks to time to market and achieves the desired ROI.

The enterprise is provided with a roadmap document that is customized to meet the specific needs and expectations of the enterprise. Furthermore, the enterprise is also provided with a complimentary web tool that can be used to assess and measure the current state and desired expectations.

The Cloud Catalyst programme is unique in the following ways:-


The programme offers a completely self-service based interaction, allowing customers the freedom to shape their roadmap in a truly innovative way.


An autonomous decision engine analyses response from the customers in real-time.


A clearly defined, phased roadmap with indicators for improvements in identified facets of the enterprise is provided to the customer


The customer is informed about all the potential choices that they can make, with pros and cons for each of the available choices


A no-strings-attached trial of our Catalyst web tool is available for everyone to use!

How it works

The Cloud Catalyst programme is made available through a web tool that navigates the user through a set of questions pertaining to various attributes that define cCoud adoption. The questions are selected based on the organization profile the user selects. The organization profile describes type of organization and lists the various attributes like no. of employees, availability of infrastructure, business domain etc. The responses to the questions put to the customer are then fed into a decision engine that is trained to identify indicators and opportunities for cloud adoption. Once complete, the system generates a roadmap that lists the current state of the organization, and the activities with milestones for adopting cloud solutions.

Why it matters to us

The Cloud Catalyst programme is used as a first step for all customer engagements in Cloud Computing at Torry Harris. This provides us with the necessary information required to structure the implementation for the customer. The programme also brings out the insight in the decision making of the customer, and matches the outcome of the engagement with the expectation.

The programme has been a success for all our customers, and it provided them the visibility with their requirements. It also paved a way to simplify and rationalize all initiatives across the organization aimed at improving the effectiveness and agility of IT through Cloud computing. Compared to traditional ways of requirement capture and analysis, this programme insists on a well-defined process that is available to us and the customer at all times. An automated and curated decision engine provides instant feedback to the customer. The roadmap is highly customized to the state of the customer and is a product of our research and experience of than decade helping customers derive best of their investments .


We at Torry Harris believe that, for all successful cloud adoptions, it is necessary to allow customers to be aware of the process that derives the recommendation, and to provide them with the freedom to participate in this process in a highly personal and intuitive way. Cloud Catalyst is designed to be just that. Furthermore, being vendor agnostic, it allows us to provide a non-biased approach that has strong ties to the budget constraints and expectations from the enterprise at all levels. The Cloud Catalyst programme hence becomes a flag bearer for customers looking to solve their cloud adoption woes and ensure maximum benefits out of their investments