Digital enablement for an Energy company would mean offering their services in an ‘-as-a-platform’ model. Being connected, automated and API-enabled so as to offer more than just “energy management” solutions, to becoming a hub for digital services, leveraging partner networks to generate new business models and realizing more internal efficiencies.

Starting from defining the strategy to building their integration and API backbones for a step-wise transition to a digital enterprise, we assist Energy Management companies to achieve more with their assets. Here is how:


  • We start by understanding the business goals & key priorities of the energy company and provide a phase-wise approach to realizing them from an IT perspective through business model reference kits, frameworks to translate these goals into a technical roadmap.
  • Our IoT (internet of things) division studies the data and automation needs of the enterprise to develop a suitable IoT strategy.
  • We map the API roadmap to the business goals, so as to enable opening up new revenue channels for the enterprise by empowering partner & third-party businesses to build on top of the API platform.
  • We model the Cloud so as to expose assets centrally, to be consumed by local front-end businesses, with access through Mobile as a channel.
  • We help build & manage the Energy Management Cloud, to provide an internet-based platform that can acquire and act upon M2M data from devices.


  • Digitalization and digital transformation services
  • Energy management cloud solutions
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • API enablement and management
  • Transformation and integration
  • SOA based integration framework & Governance model
  • Enterprise Mobility


  • Core specialization with more than fifteen plus years of experience in the elements that constitute digital, namely:
    • Integration using the Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) approach
    • Exposure through APIs, API Management strategy
    • BPM to map customer journeys
    • Expertise and understanding of Mobile (the preferred digital access channel) 
    • Cloud Integration, Migration
  • Center of Excellence (CoE) team offering products and accelerators to bring speed and accuracy to your initiatives
  • Global strategic alliances & collaborative partnerships with leading technology providers to provide turn-key solutions for your business challenges
  • A global footprint to enable personalization, while maintaining cost efficiencies through an onsite-offshore model of delivery
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