Key Features

  • Beyond classic API Management – Provides building blocks to assist in each stage of API Economy – From API strategy to legacy enablement.
  • Tools & processes for accelerating API development
  • Example kits with fully documented, pluggable APIs
  • End-to-end organizational readiness kits for the complete API lifecycle

The Product

API-o-Blocks is a highly flexible, comprehensive end-to-end solution. It is an alternative to the API Management products in the market, offering more than just an API Gateway and a developer portal. There are four key blocks offered by the API-o-Blocks suite:

THBS - Block Details


Strategize – Blocks to accelerate your API and Digital Strategy:

  • Business Model Repository and Roadmap Generator - a tool that provides information of different API-driven business models across industries. This is an answer to the most frequently asked question – "What APIs should we build and expose first for maximum revenue generation?" Each business model allows drill down of valuable details such as list of external and internal APIs to be built for each business model, impacts to IT systems and many other low-level details etc.
  • API Hunter - a unique tool that leverages principles of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Text Analytics to scan through your required documents, business processes and back end mappings to suggest API candidates. It takes API discovery automation to a whole new level.
  • Digital Org Change Reference Kit - this includes reference kits for Digital Organization operating model, social media strategy and organizational change management processes.
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